Dr Renuka and I are delighted to to share the details about the 14 day Panchakarma & Yoga retreat. Guided by seasoned Ayurvedic practitioners, this retreat offers a comprehensive experience that delves deep into the ancient wisdom of Panchakarma– a cleansing process that eliminates toxins and revitalizes your entire being.Through a tailored regimen of herbal therapies, specialized diets, therapeutic massages, and rejuvenating treatments, you’ll witness the restoration of physical vitality, mental clarity, and emotional balance. Dive into daily yoga and meditation sessions that support your cleansing journey, fostering a renewed sense of well-being. This retreat is an immersive opportunity to release what no longer serves you, paving the way for a healthier, happier, and harmonious life ahead.


Day 1- Check in

Day 2- Marma Abhayanga and Steam, matra basti 50ml ghrut paan 

Day 3-Marma Abhayanga, Steam and Kashaya basti and 100ml ghrut paan

Day 4- Marma Abhayanga ,Steam and 150 ml ghrut paan

Day 5-Abhyanga, shirodhara 

Day 6 – Marma Abhayanga ,Steam, Matra Basti 

Day 7- Marma Abhayanga ,Steam, Kashaya Basti, Access Bars Session

Day 8 – Marma Abhayanga ,Steam, Matra Basti 

Day 9- Marma Abhayanga ,Steam, Kashaya Basti

Day 10 – Marma Abhayanga ,Steam, Matra Basti 

Day 11- Marma Abhayanga ,Steam, Kashaya Basti, Reiki Cleansing and Chakra Energising 

Day 12 – Marma Abhayanga ,Steam, Matra Basti 

Day 13- Marma Abhayanga ,Steam, Kashaya Basti

Day 14- Marma Abhyanga, Udhwartanam, Lepanam

Day 15- Check out

HOW TO BOOK ? 30% deposit for now and the balance within a week before the retreat.

PRICE : 1 700 euros per person for a private Deluxe cottage room, including all the above. Price doesn´t include flights, transportation, visa and excursions.


For bookings, contact me